The Bright Penny Productions was founded in 1996 by Craig Lew. It's first production was an animated film titled The Fish while Craig was under contract at Dreamworks SKG.  Later Craig directed his first live action film LIttle Indiscretions where he met British actor Mark Woolley.


In 2009, Craig Lew ventured into the world of children's publishing when we was accepted into the Nevada SCBWI mentorship program run by New York times best selling author, Ellen Hopkins.  There Craig met Terri Farley, Suzanne Morgan Williams, Editors Emma Dryden and Harold Underdown.

It was at that time he observed the film and publishing worlds merging.


Craig saw the possibility of bringing film production and printed book forms together, but consumer electronics and moblie internet services needed to mature before the end user would see any hybrid productions.


In 2011 Mark Woolley and Craig Lew formed a new partnership, Bright Penny Zapp LLC.  At that time Trans media and augmented reality were up trending buzz words.


Now in 2013, more robust smartphones, sophisticated tablets and higher speed 4G networks allow Bright Penny Zapp LLC to offer new ways of experiencing stories.






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